Vince Agtarap, Realtor

Vince Agtarap, Realtor

Vince Agtarap, Realtor
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First and foremost – one of my life principals… If you want to be successful at something, surround yourself with people that have the skills and means to help you reach your goals. I am very thankful for my opportunity to be an agent of Big Sky Brokers; I am surrounded by a wealth of industry knowledge and resources to make any real estate transaction successful. 


I love real estate, I’m a people pleaser by personality trait so real estate is a perfect fit for me. It is an exciting industry, buying and selling real estate is one of the most significant life decisions we will make and it is my job and duty to make sure we make every effort to assure a “successful” transaction. I also will always… put your principals, needs and wants in the highest regard. Everybody dreams of buying a new home, in my real estate career… I get to make “dreams come true”.


Prior to becoming a real estate agent, I was in real estate marketing. Top producing Realtors hired me as a “technology” consultant, to help them market their real estate listing with Website development, photography, virtual tours / video production, and to get them higher traffic in search engines. NOW I can do all that for myself and my clients! Most importantly I don’t PAY out-of-pocket for these services like most other realtors keeping my advertising costs low when marketing YOUR property.

Web technologies are super important for successful real estate transactions – an average of 8-10 properties are initially found via the Web in todays world. The greatest thing about using technology efficiently in real estate is that it “facilitates” the process, and saves significant time for Buyers and Sellers. 


My hobbies – I love music have it on 24/7 – I play guitar and consider myself a musician. Love sports, every sport, love to compete, coached youth sports for 10+ years – love coaching or any form of teaching – again that’s the people pleaser in me – I am an avid runner – running to me is one of the most purest forms of “effort” most everybody can do it, you don’t need a special skill or talent, just a will to succeed! Lastly I have a passion for technology and gadgets! 

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  • “There is no such thing as impossible… only an end to ones education, effort, and vision” 
  • “Liars can figure, but figures don’t lie. Nothing substitutes hard work, do the work first, by doing the work and understanding the logistics, excludes any false pretenses. Remember… smoke and mirrors will only get you so far, and after the smoke clears… it is YOU that has to look into those mirrors” Paraphrased-By Me 
  • “You can be liked and not respected… but most would rather be respected than liked, when making important decisions in your life make them from your moral values and STICK UP for what you believe in… most of the time if your making decisions to be liked, it is the wrong decision”
  • “True Winners are happy with their successes… but NEVER satisfied! Stay hungry, you have to want it MORE than your competition” 
  • “Teamwork, what defines Teamwork? Recognizing peoples strengths and weaknesses, capitalizing on the strengths and improving on the weaknesses”


Thank you,

Vince Agtarap


Office: 406.443.1300

Cell: 406.202.8041